class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-30317″ title=”bill hicks” src=”” alt=”” width=”220″ height=”150″ />Once again, I have written a review that is a couple of months after the film’s initial release date, but I feel that this has to be reviewed as this is proves to be one of the funniest and honest documentaries that I have seen at the cinemas.\

American: The Bill Hicks Story (dir. Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas) ranks among Anvil! The Story of Anvil and The People vs. George Lucas, which have both received critical acclaim.

For people such as me who didn’t know who the controversial comedian Bill Hicks was, or for people who are familiar with his work, the documentary tells of Hicks’ journey and struggles in becoming a comedian. The documentary is narrated by the friends and family members who knew him the best.

The visuals of the film are made up of interviews with the family members and friends, but the majority is seeing the photo animation that constructs the story and seeing some of his stand-up comedy in various comedy clubs and theatres.

All of these elements to make the film come off really well as the animation used makes you feel very engaged with the comedian and the narration are mixed together to create an effect that is both stunning to watch and interesting to listen.

This is HArlock and Thomas’s first attempt at making a documentary for the feature-length audience and it an admirable and successful attempt as they have managed to bring the comedian back to life without being disrespectful nor making it emotionally driven by the fact that he passed away at a young age.

They warp the photos to give Hicks some movement and give the effect of when he was on drugs and drinking, and make the images really distorted and brightly colourful, as the comedian discovered new ways of comedy that drove him down a spiral down his life.

What makes American: The Bill Hicks Story one of my favourite documentaries is the simple fact that I had no idea who this man was before seeing this film and not also did it educate me on who he was and what he meant to his family and friends, but it made me not also very entertained, it also made me want to see his stand-up comedy that is easily accessible online. Definitely worth checking out if you have not seen his work yet.

Overall, you know by now that I absolutely loved this film and I highly recommend to you, the person who is reading this review, to watch the film as it is well made, barely has any bad points and is very funny!