It’s long been speculated that Amber Heard will play Mera in both the Justice League movie and Aquaman but it’s only today that the actor has confirmed the role.

“It’s Interesting.” the 29 year old told Entertainment Tonight  I’m wearing, like, half suit of armor, half scales. It’s strange. But we’re in the process of building it now. It’s coming along.”

Mera is the love interesting turning queen and wife of Aquaman (played by Jason Mamoa). The solo Aquaman movie is scheduled for release 2018 and follows The Justice League movie which heads to cinema screens 2017.

Mera first appeared in 1963, and the character’s powers include the ability to control and even solidify water. Director James Wan (Saw, Fast and Furious 7) helms Aquaman which is being developed side by side with both Justice League in a rather unique style that we’ve not seen for quite some time.

Amber Heard Interview