During the shooting on Alice Lowe’s directorial debut Prevenge, where she also plays the lead star, the actress was genuinely seven months pregnant, and so when we interviewed her, to mark the release of this darkly comic revenge plot thriller, we couldn’t resist asking what that was like.


Prevenge - Alice LoweThe film – which premiered to British audiences back during LFF – is now getting a theatrical release, as a film that tells the story of an expectant mother on the path to vengeance, killing whatever gets in her way. It’s a screenplay Lowe put together in a short period of time, and we asked about the benefits on speeding through the process.

She also tells us about the film’s visceral approach, and why she decided to do the voice of the baby within her (dictating her every move). She then explains whether she’s ever thought about sitting down with her daughter one day and watching Prevenge, and whether or not she has any further plans to return to the director’s chair.


Prevenge is a British comedy slasher film written by, directed by and starring Alice Lowe in her directorial debut. The film is about a pregnant woman – Ruth – whose partner died in a climbing accident when he was cut loose by the rest of his group.

Prevenge is released across the UK on February 10th