The Mummy is a character and narrative steeped in cinematic tradition, and is now bring brought back to the big screen by director Alex Kurtzman – and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the filmmaker to discuss this new endeavour.

Kurtzman explained to us the challenges in crafting a balance whereby he protects the brand and imbues the flavour of the preceding films in this franchise, while remaining original and unique at the same time. He also tells us about moving from a producing role to a directors one, having never been in the role of the latter in the blockbuster genre until now.

The Mummy Movie ImageWe then went on to speak about Tom Cruise and his inclination to perform all of his own stunts – which brings us to a question about the zero gravity plane scene, and the challenges in getting that right after several takes. Kurtzman also explains why he decided to turn the film’s title antagonist into a woman after it was originally a male character in the first draft of the screenplay.

Finally, the director talks to us about the Universal Monster’s Universe – which this film is spearheading, and how this new strand of contemporary cinema will differ from the likes of the MCU, and the Warner Bros. MonsterVerse.

Watch the full interview below…

The Mummy is released on June 9th