There’s no denying that Adam Sandler is starting to look older, but is he old enough to play 32 year-old Andy Samberg’s father?

Yes, if rumours surrounding the casting of Columbia Pictures’ upcoming I Hate You Dad are anything to go by.

With a story that “centres on a father who moves in on the eve of his son’s wedding and promptly begins feuding with the bride-to-be”, the project was first eyed by the studio back in 2008, when it was put forward in a script by David Caspe.  Following rewrites by David Wain and Ken Marino, who previously found success with Role Models, the film has become one of several currently vying for Sandler to take a lead role alongside Narco, The ,000 Man, and Valet Guys with Kevin James.

The actor has been busy of late, with two major releases slated for this year; the Jennifer Aniston co-starring Just Go With It being followed by Jack and Jill where Sandler plays against himself in drag.  Meanwhile Samberg, best known for his sketch work with The Lonely Island and Saturday Night Live, has supporting roles in upcoming comedies Friends With Benefits and What’s Your Number.

Though I Hate You Dad is currently still in development stages with no director currently attached, Columbia will be hoping that the pair’s generation spanning star power should be enough to get it off the ground.

The Hollywood Reporter reported this story.