class=”size-full wp-image-45547 alignleft” title=”Antonique Smith” src=”” alt=”” width=”225″ height=”225″ />According to Latino Review, Antonique Smith has joined John Singleton’s Abduction in a supporting capacity.

The actress, who was last seen as Faith Evans in 2009’s Notorious, will star alongside Alfred Molina as a couple who try to protect Taylor Lautner’s character as he seeks the truth after finding his baby picture on a missing person website.

With principle photography currently underway, a release date has yet to be set for the Lionsgate property which also stars Lily Collins, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs and Maria Bello.

Smith, who drew attention through her performance onstage in Rent, will appear next in Victoria Mahoney’s Yelling to the Sky at some point next year.

Stay tuned for more details.