To paraphrase Will Ferrell’s Mugatu from Zoolander, “Portman. So hot right now”. She justly grabbed herself a Golden Globe earlier this week for her performance in Black Swan (check out our review here) and was announced today to be up for a BAFTA for the same role. She is back in the blockbuster zone for the first time in a while in this summer’s upcoming Thor, this trailer for Your Highness shows she can deftly handle comedy as well and on top of all of that we have another affecting dramatic performance to look forward to, with The Other Woman.

As we showed with the trailer over Christmas, it is looking like being another hugely impactful role for Portman, which if the trailer is anything to go by, eschews cliché and sentiment and adroitly conveys the frustration and despair of trying (and failing) to connect with a step-child. Apple have added a new clip, which in a remarkably short period of time conveys an awful lot about the characters, their backgrounds and the inherent difficulties and hurt that result from fractured families and relationships.

This film is already shaping up to be powerful, potent stuff and the release date cannot come soon enough. Honestly, brains (she has a degree from Harvard and speaks six languages), beauty, talent, versatility. Portman isn’t yet out of her 20’s and is already one of the most accomplished actresses working today. She clearly has a phenomenal career ahead of her.

We’ll bring you news on the release date as soon as we can.

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