American President Barack Obama doesn’t often get a mention on HeyUGuys, what with his day-to-day activities not really being aligned with the things we cover, but it seems he’s two-for-two in the past two days.

Yesterday, we reported that Obama sent the lovely Zooey Deschanel a birthday letter, thanking her for the positive impact she’s had on young women across America. And today, whilst not directly related to the movie industry (whatsoever, really), I thought it would be nice to share this clip of Obama singing a few bars of Al Green’s iconic Let’s Stay Together.

As MSN report, the President has adopted the song as his 2012 re-election campaign theme, and a fundraiser yesterday, he took to the podium and started his speech off with a few lines.

A cappella.


The song first came out back in 1971 and has since been covered by artists as wide-ranging as Tina Turner, Michelle Williams, Seal, Michael Bolton, and Boyz II Men. Now we can (in a way) add Barack Obama’s name to that list.

Fans of Quentin Tarantino’s films might recall that the song also appeared in a brilliant scene (which I’ve embedded for you below) in his 1994 cult classic, Pulp Fiction, when Ving Rhames tells Bruce Willis he has to take a dive in the fifth round. Classic song for a classic film. (N.B. The Pulp Fiction clip below is not suitable for work; as you can imagine, expletives abound.)

(And on a totally unrelated note, whilst checking on YouTube to see if Bush had done much singing in his time, I came across the third clip below, which someone has ingeniously put together, of George W. Bush ‘singing’ U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, cut together from various speeches. You can see why it’s got more than a million and a half views.)

Impressive stuff. I think I might just have to favourite them both. Without further ado, here’s some presidential singing to brighten up this rainy Friday afternoon.

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