Well, who saw this one coming? A teaser trailer for the sequel, 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter has surfaced from the dark and watery depths.

With Jason Statham’s The Meg hitting cinemas today, it would appear Entertainment Studios are honing in on the shark-infested mania by releasing the teaser. 47 Meters Down was somewhat of a surprise hit last year. The Mandy Moore/Claire Holt film focused on the impending shark attack on the girls who were trapped in a shark cage…. you guessed it, 47 Metres down.

Directed by Johannes Roberts from a script he co-write with Ernest Riera, the location has shifted to Brazil this time around. No official casting news has been announced. Plot details are also a bit sketchy but its rumoured that it follows a group of girls who take an adventurous trip to find some scenery off the beaten path, where they discover an underwater paradise of hidden ruins and… sharks.

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The film will be released in summer 2019