In a somewhat inevitable move, Lucasfilm have announced that all six Star Wars movies will return to theatres in 3-D. According to Variety, the first film to hit screens will be Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which will be released sometime in 2012.

Jar Jar Binks back, and in all his 3D glory. I’m there!!!

At least they’re attempting to right the wrongs of terrible post-production 3D conversions like the recent Clash of the Titans remake and The Last Airbender. Industrial Light & Magic visual effects supervisor John Knoll has told Variety

“It’s not going to look like [conversions] we’ve seen in the past”.

Giving the cash flow that Lucasfilm have amassed through the years, it’s almost guaranteed that these new versions will look for best they possible can under the circumstances, but is anyone actually excited at the prospect of sitting through the three prequels again, no matter how amazing the visuals are?