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There were a lot of surprises in Marvel’s Phase Three reveal, but arguably one of the biggest was the announcement of an Inhumans movie in 2018.

There had been rumours and a lot of speculation, but finally making it official just goes to show that Marvel Studios are confident in their ability to produce a hit.

You can’t blame them after the box office and critical success of Guardians of the Galaxy, but just like when that movie was announced a few years ago, we’re guessing that your reaction to the Inhumans was, “Who?!”

Don’t worry, because here we take you through everything you need to know about this group of fairly obscure Marvel characters who were first introduced in the pages of Fantastic Four back in 1965.

Who they are, their powers, personalities and the fact we may have already met them is all covered right here…

10. Black Bolt, A Man Of Few Words

Black Bolt

Black Bolt is the King of the Inhumans and married to Medusa, the woman he relies on to speak for him. The reason for that is his incredible powers.

You see, if he utters even a whisper, his voice could destroy an entire city block. A scream? Possibly a whole city… He’s a complex character who is obviously both gifted and cursed, but a good man who does what is best for his people. It will be a challenge for Marvel to find the right actor, but Vin Diesel has hinted in the past that he may be in the running to play Black Bolt.

With little dialogue but an imposing presence required, you have to imagine that he would actually be ideal…

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