As the buzz for Bond continues to grow with the secret agent’s 32rd feature Skyfall a mere six weeks away (26 October, to be precise), all manner of tributes are beginning to crop up online, with this latest from graphic art exhibition site, deviantART.

It’s also 50 years of Bond on the big screen this year, and to celebrate the occasion, a Canadian artist by the name of Pierre-Luc Boucher has created this rather classy-looking reunion of sorts, and has photoshopped all the actors to have inhabited the role together in the apt setting of a casino.

What makes the piece really work is the fact Boucher has used contemporary images of the actors, rather of their years as Bond (with the exception of Daniel Craig, of course). It makes you wonder why this hasn’t happened in reality, although judging by some of the older Bonds (particularly an almost unrecognisable George Lazenby) it may an age issue.

Click the image below to enlarge.

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