The Beautiful and The Bizarre: 25 of the Best Movie Posters

The Beautiful and The Bizarre: 25 of the Best Movie Posters

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It’s easy to get lost in the flurry of movie marketing which assaults the senses on a daily basis. For every Saul Bass masterpiece there are ten dozen blue and orange backed face collages. For every hazy photo-perfect Drew Struzan there are many handfuls of uninspired collisions of well known faces and names. The lowest common denominator is an easy target when you’re looking to grab each of the four quadrants by the scruff of the ignorance.

In an age when fan made posters are easily mistaken, and then preferred, to the real deal and pioneers like Olly Moss and the multitude of Mondo posters and their variants find their work snapped up within seconds of their being made available there is a case to be made that a decent, memorable poster may not be the one seen on the bus stops and tube stations of the land.

So we’ve taken a look back at some of the movie posters which have caught our eye over the years and chosen twenty five of the very best. Some are outrageous and convey very little about the film itself: pulpy sci-fi melanges of fire-spitting aliens and scantily clad damsels in distress, others are eye-popping explosions of colour with a scatter-gun approach to composition. Some are beautiful in their simplicity, some designed to shock some sense of anticipation into you, others are just plain nuts.

There are many, many more out there. If you have a particular favourite let us know.

Click below to and take a walk through the weird and the wonderful movie posters of the past. We start with Colin Newman‘s wonderful fairy tale take on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

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