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HeyUGuys LogoHeyUGuys has and will always be about the people who write for it. It’s a place where we can all write how we feel about movies and start discussions with our amazing readers from all over the globe. We value both our readers and writers immensely and look forward to every single day not yet knowing what that day may bring.

We get an awful lot of emails from people asking if they can write for HeyUGuys and it’s become a rather time consuming task to get back to you all so instead we have decided to create this form which will hopefully allow you to tell us all a little about yourself in a nice easy way.

The form is simple and won’t take too long to complete but all questions are designed to help us find out where exactly you’ll fit best in the HeyUGuys family. If you’re up for joining the team, (and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world), scroll down and get typing!

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