Everyone expected World War Z to be a flop, especially after reports of troubles behind the scenes and the ending needing to be completely rewritten and reshot during production. However, the movie ended up surprising everyone back in 2013 by not only being well-received by critics, but also a being a box office hit.

A sequel was given the green light shortly after, but Paramount Pictures has now announced the release date. World War Z will reach cinemas on June 9th, 2017, the same day Fantastic Four 2 is scheduled.

You can’t blame them for going up against that movie, especially as there’s no guarantee at this point that it will even happen! If it does, you have to imagine that Fox will now have to reconsider moving it elsewhere.

Brad Pitt will return for the World War Z sequel which is set to be directed by Juan Antonia Bayona (The Orphanage, The Impossible). Steven night (Locke, Eastern Promises) meanwhile wrote the screenplay.

Plot details are unknown at this point, but it’s been said that it will be a “clean slate” for the franchise. World War Z made $540 million worldwide and had the biggest opening weekend of Pitt’s career. Hopefully the sequel will find a way of topping the first instalment, and as of right now, it’s certainly looking like it might!