Legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner has near enough confirmed that he’ll make an appearance in Star Trek 3 after revealing he’s been sworn to secrecy after conversations with producer J.J. Abrams. Following those reports, new details have now found their way online which shed some light on his cameo!

With Abrams hard at work on Star Wars Episode VII, directing duties have been handed to writer Roberto Orci (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Transformers). Star Trek 3 is being released in 2016 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the beloved franchise, so bringing back the original Captain Kirk just makes sense.

According to this new report, Shatner’s scenes will see the older version of the character meet his younger counterpart (played by Jack Ryan star Chris Pine) and both Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy will also be present as the young and old versions of Spock. Nimoy appeared in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

However, the Shatner Kirk and Nimoy Spock we meet won’t be from the original timeline which was wiped away during the 2009 reboot. Instead, they will apparently be older versions of THESE characters.

It’s all quite confusing we know (time travel, eh?), but the thing to be really excited about here is the fact that Shatner, Pine, Nimoy and Quinto will all share the screen at the same time in a scene which is sure to make even the most casual Star Trek fan squeal with excitement when it comes to pass. What do you think?