Amanda-SeyfriedNoah Baumbach’s While We’re Young has been in development for a good few years now, with Ben Stiller, James Franco, Greta Gerwig, and Cate Blanchett first boarding the project back in 2010. And it looks like things have been coming together very nicely in recent weeks.

The film has undergone a number of changes to the cast over the years, with Naomi Watts and Adam Driver most recently signing on for the roles previously set for Franco and Blanchett. And now The Wrap reports that Amanda Seyfried (Les Misérables) is in final talks to join the cast in the role previously set for Gerwig.

Stiller and Watts star as a married couple that strikes up an unlikely friendship with a younger free-spirited couple, played by Driver and Seyfried, the latter of whom makes homemade ice cream.

Seyfried came through as a potential candidate a few weeks ago, and is thought to have made room in her shooting schedule this autumn/fall for Baumbach’s latest feature.

Baumbach will be directing from his own script, with past collaborators Scott Rudin (Greenberg, Fantastic Mr. Fox) and Eli Bush (Frances Ha) producing.

Baumbach’s most recent film, Frances Ha, is currently playing in cinemas in the US, and is set to be released in the UK on 26th July. And after seeing the film at TIFF last year, I can’t recommend it enough. Understandably, I’m really looking forward to everything he does next, and While We’re Young is definitely something to get excited about.

Seyfried was of course a major part of the Oscar-winning Les Misérables as Cosette, and has headed into theatres this weekend as the young female lead in Blue Sky Studios’  Epic, lending her voice as M.K.

She’s currently filming Seth MacFarlane’s sophomore feature, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and has recently boarded Craig Zobel’s follow-up to the acclaimed Compliance, Z for Zachariah, which co-stars Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

If Seyfried has indeed cleared her schedule for the autumn/fall, then talks are clearly headed in the right direction for While We’re Young, and I can’t wait to see her starring alongside Stiller, Watts, and Driver. Baumbach has assembled a terrific ensemble for the film, and here’s to hoping that it will be heading into theatres next summer, possibly following a debut at Cannes.