BAFTA-Poster-2013Long have awards ceremonies been full of glitz and glamour but it’s always hard for people at home to really get a sense of what the red carpet ceremony is actually like. This year at the 2013 BAFTAs which take place this Sunday 10th February, EE and BAFTA have devised something rather special to make you feel like you’re closer to the action than ever with four new 360° cameras which will span the carpet.

You’ll be able to watch the red carpet ceremony on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices and actually select one of four cameras on the carpet while panning around choosing the video that you want to see. Think of like Google Maps except the difference here is the stream will actually be live and in real-time. I’ve placed the official press release below with all the info which explains what the system is in more detail but make sure you get the EE Film App for your phones or iPad devices ready for the show this Sunday night.

The video below is a representation of what it will look like and it’s similar to the ‘Glam cams’ you may have seen at other awards ceremonies but EE have gone one better and have made four cameras all of which are live and can be controlled by you.




  • A first for the UK, the ‘EE BAFTAs 360° Red Carpet Show’ will be streamed live from the EE British Academy Film Awards from 5 – 7pm on Sunday 10 February 2013
  • A choice of four completely interactive 360° cameras situated along the red carpet will let users pan left, right, up and down – offering them a totally unique and personalised view of the star-studded red carpet
  • Presenter of the moment Laura Whitmore to anchor the show and interview the world’s biggest film stars
  • Viewers will be able to watch the live streamed show at or via the EE Film app using gyroscopic controls  

London, Monday 4 February 2013: EE, the title sponsor of the EE British Academy Film Awards and the provider of Britain’s first superfast 4G network, today announced that it will be streaming the ‘EE BAFTAs 360° Red Carpet Show’ live from the ceremony using multi-camera, cutting edge, 360° technology. Film lovers watching the show will be offered the chance to virtually mingle with the stars on the BAFTA Film Awards red carpet in a way they have never been able to before.

Viewers will be able to toggle between each camera in real time, controlling the action by panning up down, left and right in full 360°, putting them in the director’s chair for what is one the film world’s most star studded evenings. A highlights edit of the show will be released on Monday 11 February.

Within the EE Film app for iOs and Android, the 360° video player will use the device’s inbuilt gyroscopic controls to let viewers literally turn themselves and their device to look to their left, right and even behind themselves, as if they are on the red carpet in person.

On viewers will be able to experience the stream in full 360°, switch between the four camera streams, as well as interacting and discussing the show in real time.

The ‘EE BAFTA 360° Red Carpet Show’ follows on from the star turn made in 2012 by self-proclaimed “international star, role model and diva,” Miss Piggy who anchored an online show for sister brand Orange, interviewing the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Fassbender, Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman and Octavia Spencer amongst many more, before EE took over title sponsorship for the 2013 ceremony.

Presenter Laura Whitmore will be anchoring the show from Camera One, directly outside the Royal Opera House, where she will be interviewing leading stars of the film world, including nominated actors, actresses and directors from the year’s biggest blockbusters including Life of Pi, Lincoln, Argo, Django Unchained, Skyfall and Les Misérables.

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand, EE, commented: “For EE’s first year of partnership with the Film Awards, we knew we wanted to do something truly ambitious and to use technology to enhance the BAFTA experience. EE is a brand built around how the magic of technology can improve our everyday lives, and with the 360° show we’re aiming to make what is one of Britain’s most glamorous evenings even better.”

EE BAFTA 360° Red Carpet Show presenter Laura Whitmore added: “I literally cannot wait to get onto that red carpet and to host the show. I’ve never done a 360 degree show before but I’ve been practicing with the technology and we’re going to have lots of fun showing a side to the red carpet you’d never normally get to see. Roll on Sunday.”

Users of Twitter will also be able to put their questions forward for Laura to put to the stars by tweeting @thewhitmore using the #EEBAFTAs hashtag, or via