Oxo Magic CubeIf you’ve been watching TV recently – and haven’t managed to skip magically through the adverts – you may have seen the new advert for OXO floating around. Entitled ‘The Magic Cube’, the advert shows the preparation of a very peculiar meal.

In the typical family-orientated tradition of OXO adverts, the new campaign throws together the many hobbies and interests of a nuclear family and tosses them up to form one tasty dish.


Look familiar? That’s because the advert has been animated by Oscar-nominated stop motion animation aficionados PES. Fresh Guacamole not only has a  Best Animated Short Film nomination under its belt, but the film is also the shortest in history to be nominated for an Academy Award.

The original short, which took a total of four months to make, received 3.5 million hits on YouTube in the first four days after it was originally uploaded. Shortly before the awards, all the nominees’ videos were removed from YouTube but, luckily for us, Fresh Guacamole was put back up a week ago. As you can see below, the ‘playing with food’ theme is just as heavy in the original animation as it is in the new OXO advert.

The OXO advert was first aired on the 1st March and was created by advertising agency JWT London. The PES site contains all of their short films and advertisements, as well as news of their upcoming projects.