These days it takes just a snifter of pop culture recognition for a green light to shine somewhere. Properties long spent with anachronistic setups are being routed for any semblance of a built-in audience so when it was announced that National Lampoon’s Vacation was getting a reboot/sequel there was little surprise.

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo gave the slapstick insincerity a bit of charm, and as is evidenced here in our 30 year retrospective there’s a lot of love for the Griswolds. And so they return with Ed Helms as Rusty, out with his own family (with cameos from Mom & Pops for sure) no doubt to recreate some high-larious hijinks. Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann and Christina Applegate are along for the ride.

The trailer below is NSFW, RED BAND, FULL OF SWEARS and so on.