There’s a very interesting interview over on FearNet right now with Twilight Producer Wyck Godfrey in which he goes into detail about his vision for the final two films in the Twilight saga, and perhaps unintentionally gives up a couple of strong clues as to the direction of Breaking Dawn Parts One and Two.

After a discussion on the directors chosen, and the maturing of Bella and the decisions to deviate from some of the more graphic scenes from Stephanie Meyer’s book Godfrey gives a choice quote on how and where they will split the two films.

It comes after a question on the use of 3D in the Twiilght saga, (spoilers abound here),

We have considered it, and everything’s being discussed, but I know that part of a way to differentiate the two movies would be to have one be in 2D, and when she becomes a vampire we move into 3D. But we haven’t really gotten far enough to decide what we’re going to do. I’m of two minds of it, frankly, and I think everyone is; I don’t want to chase the format if it’s not organic and appropriate. If we think it is, we will.

It’s perfectly reasonable to have these discussions now, as 3D is firmly in the minds of both studios and directors right now with regards to any film, but  using this specific point in the plot to transition into 3D is something very interesting.

Indeed, it is this use of 3D to enhance the narrative of a film as opposed to making it ‘look cool’ which may be the first step in convincing some of the 3D nay-sayers.

Also, you could read in Godfrey’s comment that they are planning to split the films at the point at which Bella becomes a vampire – it would certainly provide a pretty amazing cliff hanger to end Part One on…