True Detective

…and it’s been right in front of us this entire time! Don’t worry, regardless of whether you’ve only seen the first two episodes of True Detective or are as far ahead as the seventh in the US, the video below doesn’t spoil anything. It does however offer up the best argument yet about the identity of The Yellow King.

There are countless theories doing the rounds online, some obvious and some ridiculously obscure. The evidence presented here however is so simple and so hard to argue with, that you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t see the clues right from the first few minutes of the superb opening episode of True Detective.

The eight-part HBO series starring Matthew¬†McConaughey and¬†Woody Harrelson demands repeat viewing anyway, but this video will so entirely rock your world that you’ll want to go straight back to the beginning to understand how you could have ever missed the really rather blatant reveal of the mysterious Yellow King.

Please note: Contains swearing.

Well, how many of you saw THAT coming?! Mind-blowing stuff, eh?