golden slumberThis past summer I attended the New York Asian Film Festival in which a plethora of fantastic Asian films were screened for wild audience members like myself.  Unfortunately, due to time restrictions and probably lack of money, I wasn’t able to attend all of the screenings that I wanted to, one of which was the screening of Golden Slumber, the latest film from director Yoshihiro Nakamura, the man that brought the world Fish Story.

The Japanese thriller’s title and plot are based on the classic Beatles song, Golden Slumber, and is about a young man who was framed for an assassination he had nothing to do  with.  The film was extremely well received by audience members at both the NYAFF and at Fantastic Fest so if you haven’t heard of it yet now is your opportunity to get acquainted.  Below you will find the synopsis along with an English subtitled trailer for a film that still doesn’t have distribution yet but, let’s face it, that doesn’t really matter at the moment.  Enjoy!

In sunny Sendai, happy-go-lucky Aoyagi (Masato Sakai) reunites with an old university buddy, only to discover he’s become a patsy for a conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister. As Aoyagi runs for his life, his old classmates are ruthlessly hunted down by a government hatchet man. All hope seems lost until Aoyagi meets “Kill-O,” the friendly neighborhood serial killer, and when his ex Haruko enters the fray, it looks like the titular Beatles song just might be right, there really is a way to get back home. It’s directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (of The Booth, Fish Storypreviously) based on the novel by Kotaro Isaka.

Source: First Showing