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Written by Joe Pearce

Picture the scene: stuck in a nightclub at two in the morning; perfectly content with our drunken state, someone offers to buy us one more drink. We know that if we take it, our limits shall be exceeded and we will be paying for it in the morning; and yet for some reason unknown to science, we accept that drink. We’ve all been there; we don’t know why we do it, but we do.

Now if you’re lucky, thanks to the invention of the great British fry up, most hangovers can be tackled if managed delicately enough. However, sometimes the Gods decide to punish us (you know the second you wake up if they have or not) which means it’s time to get comfy; shut the curtains; and put on a film.

Things to bear in mind when making your choice:
•    You don’t want gore; your stomach’s in a fragile enough state as it is so horror is best avoided
•    Length isn’t an issue; chances are you’ve probably already got to the sofa and are planning on being there for a while anyway
•    Volume; action is pretty much a no-go. No one wants gun fire or explosions from preventing them from drifting back off to see off the worst of the hangover
•    Be careful with comedies; you want something that will make you feel better but anything too laugh out loud hilarious could see you lose that one position where your stomach doesn’t feel like it’s going to burst. Don’t take a risk; if you go funny; make sure you go really funny!
•    Avoid at all costs; films with frequent scenes of alcohol consumption!

10) 2001: A Space Odyssey

Whilst admittedly not how Stanley Kubrick would have had you watching his masterpiece, 2001 is almost benefitted by an immobile state. In any state, you shouldn’t constantly try to get your head round it you should simply let it wash over you; and when hung-over you have no choice.

No matter how much you’re struggling; the stunning visuals will keep you intrigued and there’s no better film for keeping your mind busy and off how much you regret that last drink.

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