Having Terry Jones return to the big screen is always an excellent thing, and the good news that Phoenix Pictures are set on producing a script co-written by Jones and Gavin Scott is compounded by the notion that some of Jones’ Python alumni may be joining him. Oh, and Robin Williams is up for a role as a talking dog.

Deadline have the story that Phoenixites Mike Medavoy, David Thwaites, and Brad Fischer, who are Black Swanning around Toronto right now, announced the project, entitled Absolutely Anything, with the report quoting Medavoy,

Funny is money.

The prospect of having the Pythons working together is priceless indeed, although the reins were put on a little as it’s reported as Jones having simply ‘approached’ Messrs. Cleese, Palin, Idle and Gilliam to voice a band of aliens. With the description consisting of said aliens, ‘a goofy Brit, a talking dog and buckets of silliness’ it seems the comedy giants would be perfect.

Also aboard is Daily Show man John Oliver as the lead, presumably the goofy Brit, and though it’s been a good fourteen years since Jones stepped behind the camera for a feature length film, the assembled team should do him proud.

Did I mention Robin Williams as a talking dog? Sold.