The Night Manager

As our most recent chat with Indian icon Anil Kapoor began, and he told us he was a fan of our site, needless to say that feeling is reciprocated, as we were thrilled to have the opportunity to once again speak to the actor ahead of the release of his latest project. This is one that should certainly interest British viewers too, as Kapoor has taken on a starring role, as the chief antagonist no less, in the Hindi remake of The Night Manager. Bringing a new spin on the John le Carre novel, we asked Kapoor about the role at hand, and the challenges – and enjoyable aspects – in playing a villain of this nature, and whether he even sees the role on those terms.

We also look more broadly across his illustrious career, and what the rise of streaming sites are currently doing to television series not in the English language, and the global accessibility that comes with it.

Watch the full interview with Anil Kapoor here:


Follows Jonathan, an ex-soldier, who must infiltrate an arms dealer’s inner circle to avenge the death of his girlfriend.

The Night Manager is available to watch now on Disney+ Hotstar.