The-Internship-PosterShawn Levy’s The Internship is hitting US theatres this weekend, and the comedy has done more than enough to earn top 10 spot as one of our must-see movies of the month.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson take the lead as Billy and Nick, reuniting for the first time since 2005’s Wedding Crashers, and I can’t wait to see them back in action together. US moviegoers have got just a few more days until it arrives in cinemas, and now Fox have released a new clip from the movie, in which the duo give a rousing half-time speech following a less-than-impressive first half of Quidditch.

Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital world. Trying to prove they are not obsolete, they defy the odds by talking their way into a coveted internship at Google, along with a battalion of brilliant college students. But, gaining entrance to this utopia is only half the battle. Now they must compete with a group of the nation’s most elite, tech-savvy geniuses to prove that necessity really is the mother of re-invention.

Vaughn and Wilson are joined by a great cast, led by Josh Gad, Rose Byrne, Max Minghella, Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Szohr, Joanna García, B.J. Novak, Aasif Mandvi, and John Goodman.

Levy (Real Steel) is directing from a script Vaughn co-wrote with Jared Stern (The Watch), based on his own original story.

The Internship will be released in the US this Friday, June 7th, with its UK release date following at the start of next month on 4th July. This is sure to be a lot of fun.

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