Bradley-Cooper-Zach-Galifianakis-and-Ed-Helms-in-The-Hangover-Part-IIIThe Hangover Part III is naturally expected to be one of the biggest films of the year. And in all likelihood, it’s set to be the year’s most successful comedy.

We’re expecting the first trailer to land pretty much any day now. After seeing two new images this week, we’ve got another great new image to share. And given the strips of black mattes on either side of the image, smart money says this is lifted directly from the first trailer. And that, in itself, indicates we should be seeing the first The Hangover Part III trailer land soon.

The official plot synopsis remains under wraps, but we do know that the film is going to be breaking from the past formula. So don’t expect there to be a wedding to attend. But, naturally, expect there to be plenty of hungover mayhem to enjoy.

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha will be back for one final outing as the Wolfpack. And they’re joined by another awesome ensemble, led by Ken Jeong, John Goodman, Heather Graham, Jamie Chung, Jeffrey Tambor, and Mike Epps.

Todd Phillips is once more at the helm, directing from a script he co-wrote with Craig Mazin (The Hangover Part II). And Phillips is also producing alongside frequent collaborator Daniel Goldberg (Due Date, The Hangover).

The only possible problem I can see is the fact that Warner Bros.’ The Hangover Part III is going head-to-head with Universal’s and Justin Lin’s Fast and Furious 6. Both very big blockbusters, and at least part of their target demographic is going to overlap. I’m personally planning on seeing them both that weekend, and hopefully there’ll be plenty more who will as well, boosting both the films’ numbers.

The Hangover Part III will be released on 24th May in the UK and US, and is sure to be an instant comedy favourite at the box office. Whilst we wait for its arrival, here’s the new image. And be sure to check back for when the first trailer hits. We’ll have it for you as soon as it lands.