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Matt Damon fronting a giant army facing off against a massive unknown danger sound like your thing? You’re in luck. A Monster Calls – Damon answers…in The Great Wall.

The visual splendour of Zhang Yimou’s previous films gives us hope that this monster movie will have something special up its massive sleeves. It’ll be up against Legendary’s other big monster movie Kong: Skull Island (whose new trailer is something to behold).

Is there potential for The Great Wall’s monster to join his ghastly brethren in the forthcoming Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe? Time will tell.

A new poster, and several characters posters, have arrived and they are quite the spectacle. Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Andy Lau and Willem Dafoe join Damon for the Demon. Looks great – hopefully a new trailer will appear before long.

Here are the new posters,

The Great Wall Movie Poster


The Great Wall Characters Posters

the-great-wall-character-posters-1 the-great-wall-character-posters-12 the-great-wall-character-posters-11 the-great-wall-character-posters-10 the-great-wall-character-posters-9 the-great-wall-character-posters-8 the-great-wall-character-posters-7 the-great-wall-character-posters-6 the-great-wall-character-posters-5 the-great-wall-character-posters-4 the-great-wall-character-posters-3 the-great-wall-character-posters-2

Here’s all of our coverage of The Great Wall, including the first trailer.

Click through the gallery below to see some new images from The Great Wall.


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