The story of 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine half a mile below the surface of the earth for 69 days sounds like it would be the makings of a Hollywood movie but the astonishing true story of these miners will be hitting big screens everywhere in ‘The 33’.

Believe it or not but it’s been 5 years since the mining accident in Chile which saw engineers and world leaders from across the globe come together to gather in Chile to attempt to free the 33 men using some seriously genius techniques. It truly is an astonishing tale and is a success story which should look great on the big screen.

The first international trailer for the movie has been released and is below. It stars Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche and is directed by Patricia Riggen. No UK release date as yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Check out the trailer below and thanks to FirstShowing for the heads up.