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Is there a more confusing and frustrating form of storytelling than time travel? If you’ve seen Terminator Genisys, you’ll know that the answer is a resounding no. While the movie has some good points (be sure to check out our review by clicking here), it also has a lot of issues, the majority of which are plot based.

In a bid to answer at least some of those plot holes, we’ve scoured the internet for interviews with the writers and director of the movie to address at least some of the many unanswered questions Terminator Genisys left us with. It’s clear that Paramount and Skydance planned this to be the first part of a trilogy, but whether it will get that far remains to be seen at this point. It’s not looking like a sure thing right now.

Time travel movies always raises hard to answer questions, and Terminator Genisys was no exception.

We can’t answer them all definitively, and in some cases, the solutions we have found just raise more questions, but if Terminator Genisys has given you a headache since seeing it…well, find some relief here…

Of course there are spoilers here.

8. Where Does Skynet Come From?

Terminator Cast

When a Terminator is sent back in time before Skynet is taken down, John Connor has no other choice than to send Kyle Reese to protect his mother and ensure that he’s born. How then does a physical embodiment of Skynet (played by Matt Smith) suddenly appear to attack Connor?

Well, it’s not from that timeline, meaning that – and bear with us here – Skynet from another timeline entering this timeline createed the new timeline which Reese arrives in. The movie’s mid credits scene revealed that Skynet had survived, and so it’s more than likely that it was “him” who travelled forward in time to attack John.

However, that opens the door to a myriad of other confusing timeline related questions. There may be a third timeline we don’t know about too, and it sounds like the answer to this won’t be revealed in full unless Terminator Genisys gets a sequel.

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