OK, this sounds crazy on the first read, but here goes. IESB.net are reporting some unconfirmed rumours, a step above wild rumour, regarding the Superman situation. We heard about Goyer writing the script a few days ago, now it seems that as well as taking co-writing credits on the script, one Jonah Nolan may have been elected by Warner Bros. to make his directorial debut on The Man Of Steel.

They go on to say that once Superman and Batman 3 have been completed, along with The Green Lantern etc…, big brother Christopher Nolan himself will helm the much delayed Justice League movie. You can find their story here.

So what’s the likelihood? Jonah Nolan has experience working alongside brother Christopher, and i did state last week that it would be hard to find a director happy for Nolan to be looking over his shoulder. Jonah would clearly be happy with that. But entrusting such a huge reboot to a first time director? Risky, and a bold move if it pans out. As for Christopher directing a Justice League movie, i personally don’t think he’d go for it. Maybe Jonah, if he made a success of The Man Of Steel. Certainly one of the more interesting rumours of the week. we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of it.