Known primarily for his performances in Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle, Welsh actor Taron Egerton has added another string to his bow, showing off his singing credentials in Garth Jenning’s animation Sing.

Playing a gorilla in the film – as you can see in the picture below – we asked Egerton about his experiences making his very first animated feature. He discusses whether he enjoys the finished product more when not seeing himself on screen, and why it’s strange to share this experience with several actors he didn’t even meet during the making of this film.



Taron Egerton - Sing

We also asked about his own relationship with singing growing up, and what are his go-to songs when in the shower (spoiler: George Michael gets a mention). Finally he speaks about Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and what has changed between the shooting of the first film, and the production of the eagerly anticipated sequel.

Sing is released on January 27th.