Star-Wars-LogoAs of right now, pretty much everything that we know about Star Wars Episode VII is limited to the fact that the project exists, and that Disney is eyeing a 2015 release slot for the anticipated blockbuster.

Beyond that, things are largely limited to speculation for the time being, with J.J. Abrams naturally keeping quiet about newcomers to the cast, familiar faces reprising their roles, and everything in between.

In an interesting new development, Latino Review is reporting that George Lucas was contemplating two working titles for the first instalment in the new trilogy before Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm – Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi.

These working titles were reportedly turned over during the sale, but of course, whether Disney, Abrams, and screenwriter Michael Arndt choose to use either of them is another matter altogether.

To a certain extent, it might well depend on the direction that Arndt is taking with the script, and whether Lucas’ original treatments remain intact. In all likelihood, the subtitle for Star Wars Episode VII won’t be revealed until sometime next year, at the earliest, but it’s always interesting to hear about considered possibilities, even those from the early stages.

With any luck, there will be more news to look forward to before then, hopefully with the first round of casting confirmed in the next few months.