It seems like only yesterday when George Lucas announced the inevitable Star Wars Blu-ray collection featuring all of your favourite films from the Star Wars universe and the Prequel trilogy too.

In fact it was last August when we heard the first details and now there’s a photo floating around of what may be part of the cover art for the collected set of discs.

PopCultureZoo found the following image at the Hasbro presentation at the Toy Fair 2011 alongside details of some special figures they will be releasing for the Blu-ray launch, and I’ve not seen this design anywhere else so there’s a good chance that it’s part of the official artwork, or a really cheap knock-off.

What do you think? Not exactly minimalist is it? Wish they’d have asked Olly Moss…

UPDATE – Ok – so, we’ve found out that the image we poster was not the Star Wars Blu-ray artwork, which is good as it means we’ve got that joy still to come.