Could Robert Zemeckis be on the cusp of making his live-action comeback?

News has come through (via The Hollywood Reporter) that the Forrest Gump director is circling a project called Flight. It’s the story of a pilot (wrestling with a drink and drug addiction), who becomes an accidental hero after rescuing his aircraft and passengers after an engine malfunction.

Yep, you’ve guessed it – everyman hero of the people, Denzel Washington, is “loosely” attached to the project, although it sounds like something tailor-made for him.

The last time Zemeckis wasn’t directing actors in green suits and asking them to emote with a dangling tennis ball was 2000’s underrated Robinson Crusoe-esque drama, Castaway. Whatever advancements he’s made in the animated, mo-cap field, I’m sure fans will be happy to see him back in the land of the living.