Rise of the GuardiansNightmare Kings, Easter Bunnies, The Sandman and Santa Claus – no-one can claim Dreamworks’ latest fantasy film of aiming low…

With Rise of the Guardians the studio have once again plundered the (public) domain of fairy tales and folklore to tell the age-old tale of good versus evil.

Director Peter Ramsay has taken inspiration from William Joyce’s The Guardians of Childhood books and with a guiding hand from Executive producer Guillermo del Toro he has drawn the darkness from our common childhood friends as well throwing a fierce pace in with the dazzling CG on display.

Chris Pine, Isla Fisher, Alec Baldwin and Jude Law lend their voices to the film and our guys Joe Cunningham and Colin Hart were on the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square this evening to talk to the cast and crew. We chatted with the director Peter Ramsay,  producer Christina Steinberg, the film’s composer Alexandre Desplat. Chris Pine talks about working on the film as well as talking about Star Trek Into the Darkness and his role in the new Jack Ryan film, filming now at Pinewood.

Rise of the Guardians is out on the 30th of November.

Isla Fisher

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Chris Pine

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Alexandre Desplat (Composer)

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Peter Ramsey (Director)

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Christina Steinberg

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Dreamworks Animation Studios COO Bill Damaschke

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