Xperia-Play (PSP Phone)Sony have finally revealed their PlayStation Phone to the world and it’s full of surprises – not least it’s potentially crippling price tag.

Reports suggest that the phone will have a US launch date of March, with the UK only a month behind.

Orange and T-Mobile have already confirmed themselves as handlers, and Sony have revealed a massive 50 games will be available on launch – including new Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero, Dead Space and Battlefield titles.

Five games will be pre-loaded onto the device (including The Sims 3 and Tetris) and the device will sync up with the PlayStation Suite to download PSOne and ‘PlayStation Quality’ games.

Tech-wise, it’s got a 5.0 megapixel camera, 4-inch multi-touch display and a ‘PlayStation Certified’ gaming experience.

As for that price? Well a recent Sony Ericsson competition noted that it had a price value of 499,00 €, equating to about £420.

Admittedly this isn’t the officially stated price tag, and a price like this would likely be for the handset only – not in line with contracts and other deals, but it’s still a bold move.

Check out the video of the Xperia Play and let us know what you think – interested?