You may have heard something of Defendor, the film in which Woody Harrelson dresses up as a superhero to bring justice to his part of the world, despite having no powers at all?

That’s right, this is Deep Impact to Kick-Ass’s Armageddon, the Red Planet to its Mission to Mars, and despite the  coincidental timing of the two similarly themed films reaching our screens both deserve to be considered independently.

The trailer released today shows off our superhero dispensing justice and hints at the psychological evolution endured with the violence and bizarre nature of what Defendor is doing.

This is actor Peter Stebbings’ latest film and stars Woody Harrelson as the real life superhero and Kat Dennings as Miss Young Prostitute. It’s less flashy than Kick-Ass and riding the all-consuming wave of superhero films in recent years this should have a lot to say.

This trailer came to us via the good guys at Latino Review.