Time travelling agents and the end of the world are on the agenda for the second sequel no-one really called for but memories of the 97 Men in Black may be ripe enough for film number 3 to entice you back into the cinema for another tale from Smith and Jones.

A load of new images have been released and there’s a good look at Alice Eve’s sculpted hair and Jermain Clement’s terrifying face. EW managed to get some nice images of Rick Baker’s aliens on set.

Having Josh Brolin do his young Tommy Lee Jones thing is a good way to entice people back to the MIB fold, however anyone who remembers the sequel knows how far from the mark this series can shoot. Fingers/tentacles crossed.

Here are your pics, click ’em if you like them big.

Sourcery: EW & StarkIndustries.ru (via CBM)