USA Today have got a new image of Shockwave, the main villain of the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

The first images of Shockwave, who wasn’t in either of the first two films, surfaced back in April, and showed that he’s been given a pretty hefty makeover, to become what will no doubt be one of the strongest Decepticons, and most difficult to bring down, that we’ve seen.

USA Today also spoke to producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who was a producer on both the first two, and he said of Shockwave,

“He’s always been a mean, mean guy, but he’s even more menacing and more dangerous. He’s bigger, badder, with a greater arsenal.

“It’s crazy spectacular. Shockwave is just a ball of destruction, pulling whole skyscrapers down. He’s a messy guy to have in our world.

“It’s a huge escalation in the amount of damage that one Decepticon can wreak. He’s capable of wholesale destruction…that’ really bad for humans.

“Decepticons have a united plan, but as usual they don’t get along. The inter-distrust between the villains is even stronger than before.”

He’s definitely looked pretty menacing in the pictures we’ve seen of him so far, so expect plenty of mayhem and destruction come July. Director Michael Bay has said that this will be the last instalment of the Transformers films he’s been directing, so I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be epic by any standards.

Also over the weekend, Linkin Park debuted their music video for Iridescent and Paramore debuted their new song, Monster, both of which are on the new soundtrack, which is to be released digitally on 14th June, and physically here on 27th June.

The films’ soundtracks have always had their foundations in rock music, and Dark of the Moon is no different. Unlike Revenge of the Fallen, which saw Linkin Park release New Divide specifically for the movie, Iridescent is instead taken off their last album, A Thousand Suns, just like What I’ve Done was taken off Minutes To Midnight for the first film. The music video features some great new footage of the upcoming film, along with some of the space scenes we’ve seen in the trailers, and like most of their music videos, was directed by their turntablist, Joe Hahn.

This will the first time Paramore are featured on a Transformers soundtrack. They appeared on the first Twilight film’s soundtrack with their song, Decode, back in 2008, which instantly exploded among fans, and their new single, the first song they’ve released since the departure of two of their band members, looks to be doing the same, with over a million views on YouTube in a matter of days.

Also featured on the soundtrack will be a new Taking Back Sunday single, Faith (When I Let You  Down), which you can hear here. If you’re a fan like me, you’ll be glad you listened. Without further ado, here are the image and the songs.

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