In what can only be described as healthy display of one-upmanship, CBS have gone ahead and created their own contemporary take on the Sherlock Holmes legend, entitled Elementary. We have done our own detective work and uncovered two new character posters (via kinopoisk) for the upcoming series.

Starring Jonny Lee Miller (who recently appeared alongside the Beeb’s Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch, in the much-lauded stage production of Frankenstein), the character of Watson has been given a gender switch here, with Kill Bill’s Lucy Liu co-starring as (wait for it) Dr. Joan Watson.

Aside from the awful tag-line accompanying the image of Trainspotting star Miler, it remains to be seen if the series will be have that same mix of thrills and intellect its British counterpart possesses. All will be revealed when Elementary begins in the US on the 27th September and sometime in the autumn over here (via Sky Living).