Although we have already had a lengthy red-band trailer for the upcoming Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill-starring reboot of 21 Jump Street, there is still a place for another one. And that place is here.

If you caught the previous trailer, there won’t be much here that is new, but it still has a lot to commend it, with Tatum in particular proving himself as an engaging dead-pan comedy performer. Admittedly, much of what he is doing here is looking slightly confused and bewildered, but watching him and Hill desperately trying to remember what Miranda Rights are is undeniably funny.

Hill for his part is clearly at home with the genre and content and both the principals look to be having plenty of fun. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who previously paired up for the under-rated animated film Cloudy With A  Chance Of Meatballs) seem to be joining an increasingly large group of directors making the successful transition from animation to live action (see Brad Bird for Mission Impossible and Andrew Stanton for John Carter) and although a well-cut trailer can make any old hack seem accomplished, there does seem to be a genuinely decent film lurking in here.

For now, enjoy the trailer. Thank you Digital Spy for bringing it to us.

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