Monty Python

The news that Monty Python’s Flying Circus were to take to the skies again was as welcome as it was unexpected. Now we are hours away from seeing the Pythons together again, for quite a few nights only, in the stage show to literally end all Monty Python shows.

This morning the remaining members of the Python clan took to the stage in London to meet the press. The hour long video can be seen below – and it’s Python so it’s well worth your time.

There are more tickets for ‘Monty Python Live (Mostly) One Down Five to Go’ are going on sale tonight at 6pm, and tomorrow for the remaining shows. Previously reported as being sold out we can presume they’re going to be launching small royal box sized hot air balloons to open up more seating. If you’re not able to get to a show the very last show will be broadcast live on GOLD in the UK and streamed to 564 UK cinemas and to 1800 other screens around the globe in 39 countries.

All of this and more was revealed in the morning’s press conference – and you can see the whole thing below. So put your feet up, grab a fistful of Crunchy Frogs and enjoy the historic hilarity one last time.

But first, here’s Rolling Stone Mick Jagger to talk sense and to preview some of the show which we found out this morning would features scenes with Stephen Hawking and Professor Brian Cox.


Monty Python