With Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Christopher McQuarrie adds his name to the nicely eclectic list of directors who have taken on a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible film.

Cruise returns as sometime IMF agent Ethan Hunt along with Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg as our regulars and Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson join us for Rogue Nation.

You can read our thoughts of the film here in our review, and go behind the scenes of the film’s main stunt – made already famous by the incessant marketing – here.

The film is out next week Thursday 30th July, here are our crack team of Cassam Looch and Colin Hart took to the red carpet to interview the cast and crew. Let’s see how they did…

Cruise talks about his love of practical effects including doing his own stunts and offers a little update on Top Gun 2. Pegg talks about CGI vs. practical effects and how they complement oneanother. We also hear from Writer / Director Christopher McQuarrie who has worked with Cruise a number of times as well as new female co-star Rebecca Ferguson and her first outing in a ‘Mission’ movie.

Tom Cruise

Simon Pegg

Rebecca Ferguson

Writer / Director Christopher McQuarrie

Composer Joe Kraemer

Producer Don Granger