Occasionally, the biggest reveals come from the most unexpected places, and that’s definitely the case for these new Star Wars Episode VII set photos. There had been rumours that the movie was shooting at the former RAF Greenham Airbase in Berkshire, but that has now been confirmed.

Airborne Aviation (a flying school in Popham Airfield) shared a photo which they managed to take while flying over the area of both a partly constructed Millennium Falcon and what appears to be an X-Wing.

You have to imagine that they’re going to get a lot more customers now with eager Star Wars fans hoping to catch any sort of glimpse of J.J. Abrams shooting the still very secretive Return of the Jedi follow-up!

Both of the iconic Star Wars spacecrafts are situated in front of giant hangar/bunker doors, perhaps explaining why they chose this location (which you can see more of by clicking here). Construction is clearly ongoing, so we’ll hopefully get to see a lot more of this set and both the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing (especially if someone with a REALLY good camera decides to hopefully pay for a flight over the airbase).