Michelle Williams and Jude Law are to enter Tudor England in the Psychological horror ‘Firebrand.’

Williams is set to play King Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife Queen Catherine Parr with Law taking on the role of the tyrant King Henry. The story will focus on Parr and her singular point-of-view of the psychological horror of living with a monster—and the remarkable will to not only survive but thrive. It will follow the last months of Catherine Parr’s survival as Queen of England, consequently the last months of Henry VIII’s life as King.

Having witnessed Henry disposing of his wives through death and divorce, not only did Parr have a secret agenda but had no assurances of a happy marriage; in fact, she had no assurances of surviving the marriage at all.

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Karim Aïnouz will direct a script from Killing Eve’s Jessica Ashworth and Henrietta Ashworth (Killing Eve). Brouhaha Entertainment will produce.. The Brazilian-born filmmaker said, “Parr is a ferociously brilliant, enlightened, and emancipated woman whom I am inspired by deeply”.

The filming location remains undisclosed but is said to feature a castle where you “can hear the ghosts”