Three days ago Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Budapest to speak to some people about success, something the actor and cyborg politician knows a lot about.

The Arnold Fans managed to live up to their name and popped the question/statement ‘You will play in the next Terminator Genisys Sequel?’ with the response, ‘Yes, of course, next year.’

Now, the video below purports to have captured that moment, albeit from a distance, and they could have been talking about the punctuality of Budapest’s Cog-wheel Railway, but let’s assume not eh?

Money will be the deciding factor as always, but people love a sure thing and as Terminator Genisys looks, so far, to be a (darker, grittier) compilation of the series’ best bits so far, it’ll probably do well enough.

The bonus is that this isn’t even a spoiler. They could shoot T:G Arnie out of a cannon into space and they’d find some way of bringing him back for the next films.

If Arnie is back filming next year then the sequels, reportedly planned to shoot back to back, will be out in 2016.

Remember – there’s no fate but we remake ourselves.

Here are the two trailers which have played so far, each with the same ominous bleakness inherent in the series, with many familiar beats hit, and then hit again.

If Genisys does well, and the two promised sequels do happen what are we to expect?

Terminator: ExoDOS

Terminator: 1337viticus?

Ye gads…