A highlight of the London Film Festival thus far was Lynne Ramsay long awaited adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s mesmerising novel We Need to Talk About Kevin.

The atmosphere post-press screening was subdued to say the least and it’s a testment to the film’s power than both those who were familiar with the book were as shell-shocked as those who had never read a word of it.

It’s a harrowing film which benefits from an excellent cast and Lynne Ramsay’s assured and provocative direction and the director was on hand to talk about Kevin along with the actor who plays the troubled teen, Exra Miller.

Our good friends at Upbeat were on hand at the premiere and also had the chance to speak with Ramsay and Miller about the film,

Here’s the premiere report:

and the Interviews with Ezra Miller and Lynne Ramsay,