To celebrate the release of acclaimed horror hit The Hole In The Ground, which opens in UK cinemas this week, we sat down with director Lee Cronin and star Seána Kerslake to chat about the startling new film.

After its debut at Sundance last month, Cronin and Kerslake have, by their own admission, been thrust into the limelight with the film which has garnered much praise from both sides of the pond. Here, they chat with us about their experiences at the festival, the grueling nature of some of the shoot and trying to do something different with the horror sub-genre.

In the film, Kerslake plays Sarah, a young mother who has moved to a rural home with a son, Chris (James Quinn Markey) next to a dark, dense forest. One night, Chris goes for a walk in the forest and when he returns, his behavior grows increasingly disturbing, so much so that Sarah begins to suspect that the boy that has returned to her isn’t her son at all.

You can watch the full interview below:

The Hole In The Ground opens in UK cinemas on March 1st.